“In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.”

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CATCHING UP!~~~~~:)))

SOo! It's been a while! :) we have been super busy though and I have been doing a lot self evaluating over the last month or so... I have been trying to focus on family and finding who and where I want to be in my life. I am sure this is something we all do, bc its what helps us grow! :))
Over the last two months I have decided to only keep three children in my home! :) I was wanting to accept more in October but I think with the holidays it would be better not too : )We had our first week of lesson plans last Monday.. It went well :) The kids do good sitting at the table, they love to do crafts...and they adore circle time! I have enjoyed it... This week we are discussing BUGS! : ) I am excited for our bug adventure outside tomorrow : ) I made jello with gummy worms : )
I have decided to start calling my grandmother on Tuesdays during my kiddos nap... just to keep up with her more and give her a little conversation : ) Also
I am hoping to improve my sisterly bond, living a part for so long has kinda put a strain on our friendship... I am hoping her and I can start reading books together and sharing more about one another... : )
 SO READY FOR FALL!!!!its a coming and i cant wait to put up decorations... I have been scoping out all the "Southern Living Mags, and Better Homes!" : ) JEALOUS! haha nah, this fall is gonna be great... can't wait for foliage,roasted marsh mellows, evenings on the patio, apple cider, and family and friends! :))

I am going to start decorating for fall around Sept 19th or so! :)) CANT WAIT!
I am also thinking about joining a hip hop dance class with a friend Danielle : ) lol its on Tuesday evenings which is PERFECT for me! :)) the first class is free so heck ya! :) but I am debating on that, Zumba, or Yoga! ; ) Not sure yet...

Well, I will be posting fall decor very soon... a long with fall photos : ) Hope yall have a great month :)