“In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.”

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We had such a blast the other day out and about in the back yard... Noah, daddy and mommy went on a bug hunt!:) we examined ants, lighting bugs, and rolly pole's lol:)) Noah loved it!:)))

Fathers Day 2010

Well Fathers Day was very special to us! Daltons dad got to visit us!:)) we had a great weekend grilling, swimming,  going to the park!

We spent fathers day sleeping in a little! Waking up having lunch at "Hook Line * Sinker" (best catfish in town!:)) we then went and Paw Paw got Noah his tricycle and swimming pool for his Bday! WE went home to rest and visit..We then spent the late afternoon walking to the water fall and creek! Its beautiful here...
After this we ate Red Lobster!:) Such a great day!


                                          ~June 12. 2010~ 10 am~

This was a great memory, I loved picking blueberries with my little family, it was pretty hot and they tasted so good right off the vine!:) And what a deal we got, a gallon bucket for ten dollars!:)))
Picking and Eating away!

Noah picked a blueberry and went straight to his mouth, as you can see his cheek in the picture! A mouthful while picking more!: )

Daddy and Noah
Kisses for my lil blueberry!

Loving IT!
Going for more!

Noahs Bday! :))

July 3, 2010 ~ Noah Riley turns 2!
I can't believe my once little tiny baby boy is now 2! He is now a toddler... well he is till MY babY! :) He had such a great bday! We are so thankful for great family and friends!:)

Dog foot prints to the door... but the rain washed them away rather quick! :))
(thank u daddy for doing that)


Noah put stickers on his head:)))
Reaching for balloons!:))
Doggy Bags... SO CUTE
Playing outside in the rain! :) Pool & Sprinkler

Dog Bowl Art and Craft table

This was fun!, the kids decorated dog bowls with stickers and we made name tags out of card stocked bones!

Lil Lawson being Crafty!

                                             MORE PICS COMING SOON