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Monday, May 24, 2010

Anniversary! Our get away!:)

Our Anniversary this year we wanted to really focus on the simple things in our life and the love we have for Noah. We thought of going and staying the night away from home somewhere ;) we thought of just going camping one night, we thought of going hiking! All of these things would of been great. Well, Dalton and I both work so we just decided to make it an anniversary weekend:) So we got a sitter for a few hours and went and ate at Carrabba's Italian Restaurant! Which was really good!! Then we went for a walk around the mall and I got hubby a new hat!:) (go gaters) then we came home! The next day we got up and played outside with Noah! And grilled hamburgers and sausage! :) Noah loved it he sprayed us with the water hose and that was is favorite part! THE WATER! lol:)

So after eating and getting a little cleaned up, we went to Hidden Springs walking park! :) Its so awesome... its miles of walking trails, bike trails, bike parks, dog park, its in the woods though and secluded! It has little creeks and wooded picnic spots!

I enjoyed this so much and we plan to go back this weekend earlier in the day so we can walk farther:)

This was a really great anniversary memory for me ! I love my husband and son very much! ~MAY 24th 2010~ :)

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  1. Happy Annivserary. I am so glad you had a great weekend.