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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A little bit of Our Fall Decor!

Lol I know this more on the scary halloween side lol. I made this small candy dish for cheap. A 5o cent little dish that says trick or treat and a 50 cent skeleton head. And 2$ candy assortment. I like it!!

The flag is our most expensive decor. WE searched high and low for a fall flag and found this one a kirklands 20$ err... but, its really pretty!

Little Scare Crow Welcome sign.. I saw this and really wanted it.

Our mantle the other side is a lot like this one but longer and has one more thing or so on it! I really like these little dollar scare crows from dollar general there little legs dangle..

The hand towels my mom gave us... They are super cute.. Noah likes to pull them off the stove handle lol but they are so cute there!
Now we have mums, a big scarecrow and pumpkins left.... Can't wait. The leaves are changing and its so nice outside!!!

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