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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Challenges and Prayer!

I've realized that when we married we was so much stronger in Jesus Christ. I've been here before so what is wrong with me now.. It seems I've lost the touch or something. I have prayed and prayed but its like I stop during it and ask myself if I'm doing it right. ha! is that not crazy... I just cant seem to understand what happend. I keep apologizing and forgetting that he forgives so the whole prayer I'm not thanking him or praising him enough for all my blessings. I start off but then start to ask for forgiveness again. I feel even more distant than ever from him today and not sure what I'm doing quite wrong. We have been searching for a church here, we have visited a few and none feel like home. Its like the longer you stay out of church, the easier it is for you not to go back. Its strange how oneself can be so at peace and happy in there life but yet still be missing it when I pray! Maybe I'm over thinking it!


  1. You are overthinking it. Of Course we have to pray daily and repent. I do. But I am confident that my God forgives and loves. He loves like no human. So we have a hard time comprehending his unconditional love. We always think it is conditional.

    Like if I go to church he will love me more. If I do good today he will love me more. If I serve him he will love me more. In reality, he loves us the same when we do good or bad. That is hard to understand.

    Saying all that doesn't mean we need to continue in the same sins, because we know he will forgive. You see because he loves me so much not matter what we should be grateful for that love and live the best we can for him.

    Also, habitual sin (the same things sinfully) will cause a wall. That doesn't mean he doesn't forgive or love us. But that wall needs to be broken through to overcome that sin.

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